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Made in Russian. The price include import fees.


Set 1: Flame bit 021 & MOZHZHERI universal pusher

include the most popular tools bit 021 and a universal pusher 


Set2: Flame bit 021 & MOZHZHERI universal pusher& Signature Professional manual sharpening scissors.


Diamond bit 021 is used for the correction of artificial nails, cuticle processing, side walls, removal of toughened skin. A wide range of shapes and sizes for bits provides an opportunity to get the nails ready for manicure. Our bits are of high-quality and of long-lasting use.

*Red notch stands for little abrasive power and is used for thin and sensitive skin.


Professional universal pusher MOZHZHERI
Safely and carefully move the grown cuticle, getting ready for further procedures. The shape of the working surface is perfect for any nail plate type. Is provided for pushing cuticle, cleaning nail plate, and side walls area. Is ideal for all manicure techniques. Manual grinding.


Professional manual sharpening scissors MOZHZHERI
The most popular professional tool for perfect cuticle cutting. Is used as for classic manicure and combined manicure as well. Manual grinding. Useful thin sharp curved tip. The handle length is 10 cm. Looks nice and convenient while using. Cut well and do not tear cuticle. Do not require grinding due to high-quality steel used. Have free and smooth blades pace. Reach even hard-to reach spots and open up a good view


  • Return Policy

    Please make sure you read our return policy before your purchase. Due to the health and safety concerns, we DO NOT accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on any orders unless there is a manufacturer defect. Only submit a request if you meet one of the following criteria:

    •Received damaged items 
    •Manufacture defects 
    •Missing items from your order

    Refund request will be rejected if you do not meet the criteria above mentioned.

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