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We take great care with our preparation and application to ensure your new nails have exceptional longevity. However, maintaining their beauty is a shared responsibility, and proper aftercare is crucial for keeping your manicure looking fabulous. Here are some tips:

Apply cuticle oil daily.

  • This nourishes the root of your natural nails, promoting stronger, more flexible, and non-flaky nails.

  • Buy our cuticle oil for $ 7.5 

Treat your nails like jewels, not tools!

  • Gel adds strength to your nails but doesn't make them indestructible.

  • Don't pick or peel the product from your nails. This can cause damage and leave your natural nails thin and painful. Avoid home repairs or removals, as these can cause more harm than you realize.

  • Protect your nails from drying chemicals. Use gloves for housework, gardening, and DIY projects.

Schedule regular appointments.

Don't wait longer than 5-7 weeks between visits. As the product grows out, your nails may weaken, lift, and break due to wear and tear.


  • We strongly recommend using nail oil or strength nail polish for a week after removing your gel. This helps protect your natural nails, especially if the gel has been on your nails for more than four weeks.

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